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A couple of weeks ago I was able to do some sketches, one at work that I used watercolor pencil with and one at Washington Park. I may add color, but I haven’t decided.

Pen and water color pencil


After that it snowed. I could only get shots of it at night.

The corner of SW 21st and Burnside

And then I got slammed with homework. A LOT of homework. Here’s one of them. We had to create a mood board for a classmate we hadn’t met until that day. We had 30 minutes to interview each other and come up with an idea of what to do for them as far as styling an outfit. I used lots of mixed media and Polyvore to create the Owl Sweater outfit. I’ll find out tomorrow if I got her style right or not. Eek!

Mood Board for Intro To Apparel Design


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Bird Morning

Last week, when there was still some snow on the ground but the morning was warm, the birds all assembled in the side yard below my studio window. There were robins, jays, nut hatches, doves, and a Northern Flicker pecking at the ground as it warmed up with the early morning sun. As I was painting, I’d catch several of them fly by the window out of the corner of my eye. I did have a moment when the movie The Birds came to mind, but really I just wished they’d buzz the window when I had my camera in hand and pointing the right direction.

Several birds resting in the tree on the far side of the yard.

The Norther Flicker holding quite still for this photograph. He's fluffed up against the cold. Or he just ate a lot of worms and seeds!

A Robin chilling out on a branch.

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