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New Beginnings

Well, it’s now 2012 and I’ve decided to start it out with creating my bucket list and moving into a new place, which was actually number one on my bucket list. Tomorrow I’m starting the Daniel Fast. It’ll be two weeks of juice, water, and veggies. I’ve never done a fast like this before and I’m a bit nervous and excited about it. I know God’s gonna do something cool, and I’m hoping it will allow me to break some bad habits I’ve developed around food.

School also is starting back up on Tuesday, so I’ll be back to 8 hour work days and then 4 hours of class 3 days a week. I’ll have a sewing class, an art class and a lecture class. I’m super stoked about all of them!

I don’t have any photos to download at the moment, sorry. 


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So, been awhile since I have posted anything. Everything since the conference in Portland has been sort of a blur of chaos and excitement and serious change. I am moving from my cute comfortable castle to a tiny apartment in Portland in order to go to school at the Art Institute there. Apparel Design will be my goal.

Lan Su Garden in Portland

Also, my brother got married to his love Sandi in a beautiful backyard ceremony.

The Ring

And I did costuming for the Boulet Production of Moon Over Buffalo. You can see the pictures at Life As Art.  It was a fun mix of 1950s, 1920s, and 1780s costumes. The play was a great success. I look forward to doing more costuming in the future.


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