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A couple of weeks ago I was able to do some sketches, one at work that I used watercolor pencil with and one at Washington Park. I may add color, but I haven’t decided.

Pen and water color pencil


After that it snowed. I could only get shots of it at night.

The corner of SW 21st and Burnside

And then I got slammed with homework. A LOT of homework. Here’s one of them. We had to create a mood board for a classmate we hadn’t met until that day. We had 30 minutes to interview each other and come up with an idea of what to do for them as far as styling an outfit. I used lots of mixed media and Polyvore to create the Owl Sweater outfit. I’ll find out tomorrow if I got her style right or not. Eek!

Mood Board for Intro To Apparel Design


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First Week Crazy

My first week back at school was INTENSE! Lots of homework to get done, LOTS of reading to do, and lots of supplies to dig through my stash for.

One of the assignments is to create a short biography for a famous designer and then track the evolution of their style. I have Issey Miyake. I had not heard of him until this class (I was going to choose John Paul Gaultier, but I know too much about him already) and I’ve always loved Japanese design, especially architecture. So I thought that he would be interesting to research. Yeah. I’m totally in love with his designs! They’re amazing! Some are beyond impractical, but there’s joy in them, which I like.

Another assignment is to create a mood board for a customer, who is one of my classmates. I’ve started gathering all kinds of things to create this and even designed a sweater (in miniature) and a dress for it. I’ll post pictures next week when I have the actual board created.

So for Color Theory class, I have to create a mood board also that focuses on one color on the colorwheel. I chose a warm coppery/tan color and discovered that I have a lot of bric brac around my apartment that was perfect.

Mixed Media copper/tan collage

Sewing class is awesome, but the Juki machines are kinda scary and I’m having a hard time controlling the speed and the fabric. Gonna go in today after church and practice a bit and then cut out my samples for next week.

All in all, exciting stuff!

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