In the Night…

So I have been searching daily for a job doing anything that will pay rent, car, and school and possibly a meal every now and then. I have yet to find someone to hire me, but I know I’ve got a pretty amazing Provider and so I’m not going to stress about it. But it has made me think of stories that I love and how the nights in those stories are always the deepest and darkest nights ever. But there’s always a morning after those nights and that deepest and darkest black seems rather foolish in the light of the sun. I think there was only one real darkest night and that was two thousand or so years ago.

Recently, I went up on the roof of the apartment at night to photograph the city lights. It was amazing to see all the bustle even so late at night. It was a little overcast, so I couldn’t see any stars and I wondered if you’d be able to at all anyway.

Portland Lights


City Life

I am now living in Portland and enrolled at the Art Institute in Apparel Design. I’ve been spending the last week looking for work like crazy and trying to learn the ins and outs of living in a real city. It’s sooooo easy to get distracted here! Oh something shiny! Oh pretty flowers! Oh cool graffiti! There seems to be a bit of every thing and every one here.I need to start painting it all!

From the roof garden

I find that I love the look of the professionals here. I could really lose who I am if I’m not careful. I’m not the stiletto heels type girl. I’m the Keens or Toms type girl. So I’ll just concentrate on designing styles I like other people wearing and stick with my more outdoorsish look. 🙂

I’ve done some sightseeing here, some of it not so much by choice as I get lost super easy. The guys at Best Buy at Cascade Station were great tho. “The best way to figure out the city is to just get lost!” It’s true. I found an amazingly beautiful church with an abbey-like garden by getting lost.

From the Lamp Post to Cair Paravel…


So, been awhile since I have posted anything. Everything since the conference in Portland has been sort of a blur of chaos and excitement and serious change. I am moving from my cute comfortable castle to a tiny apartment in Portland in order to go to school at the Art Institute there. Apparel Design will be my goal.

Lan Su Garden in Portland

Also, my brother got married to his love Sandi in a beautiful backyard ceremony.

The Ring

And I did costuming for the Boulet Production of Moon Over Buffalo. You can see the pictures at Life As Art.  It was a fun mix of 1950s, 1920s, and 1780s costumes. The play was a great success. I look forward to doing more costuming in the future.


Spent the last couple of days in Portland at the Storyline Conference. This was probably the most intense, exciting and awakening conference I’ve ever been to. I’m now beginning to understand what I want in life, my passions and dreams, are put there by God because He wants to have co-agency with me as I write my story. And that my story just may have meaning beyond myself. Read Genesis and see how the life of Joseph is still affecting us today. He didn’t know when he was alive that someone would pass his story down verbally until Moses wrote it out for us and that thousands of years later it would still be read and affect our lives. What if I lived intentionally, working with God to create a narrative for myself that will affect people that haven’t even been born yet? It would be a meaningful life that pleases the Lord. 🙂

I’ve spent the last few days on the west side of the Cascades dog sitting Shadow, a cocker spaniel rescue dog.


It’s been nice getting out of Ellensburg for a bit, though I think I would not want to move to the Seattle area. Too many places to spend money. Eburg is nice because the places I want to spend money are too expensive for me, unlike over here where I can spend stupid money on cheap stuff. I guess you could say I have some buyers remorse over a couple of “luxury” items I shouldn’t have procured. I’m thinking now that I could have gone to the Pacific Science Center and seen the Star Wars exhibit instead of buying $25 worth of rusty orange linen. Or spent the sunny day today at the beach at Alki Point instead of hanging out at The Commons and Goodwill.

Spring Blossom

White Flowers

Moss House

I did get two purses (one for me and one for the shop) and a dress sewn. And some knitting done while watching Project Runway reruns and catching up on my laundry.

Black and Teal purse

Inside: The fabric is slippery polyester and much more difficult to work with than cotton.

Before I left Eburg, I decoupaged an art box Dad and Doreen had given me awhile ago. It had a crazy wild boar on it that someone had colored in with lime green marker. So I covered it up with some pretty paper and added some embellishments, just leaving the black boarder that says Art is long-Life is short. I think I’ll continue to add different stickers and stuff to it over time and see what happens.

Art box

I am now officially unemployed and have spent the first few days of no work crafting like a crazy woman. I ordered Linen Wool Cotton by Akiko Mano and decided that I must make everything in it. It is by far one of the most beautiful sewing books I’ve seen in a long while. It’s amazingly peaceful to look at the pictures and read the intimate essays, glimpses into the life of another crafter who lives half a world away.

My first project was the Jumper. As I was setting out to create the pattern pieces I realized that I have almost no experience at all in making a pattern from scratch. Especially something more complicated than squares and rectangles! The first finish was far far far too big! Thank goodness it was that way and not the other! A few adjustments and another day of sewing and I had it done and was wearing it to the library and market. I added a pocket because if I don’t have one on my clothing somewhere, I’ll inevitably lose my keys, my watch, etc.

The fabric is slightly off-white linen I found on sale at St. Vincent de Paul’s. The buttons are all antique wood, bone, shell, and plastic buttons that I’ve collected over the years. I also added some top stitching with natural linen thread that I bought through Stampin Up for scrapbooking. I’ve used it more for actual sewing than for scrapbooking! LOL!

I also finished two new projects for the shop. A set of coasters with creamy wool bases and elegant fabric tops. Also, a pair of Kimono Slippers. This is the third pair (the first pair was for me and the second for a  lady at church) I’ve made and I love the pattern! Check them out at my etsy shop (see side bar for link).

Passing Time

Spending Saturday morning at the Kittitas Valley Diabetes and Wellness Fair. I’m supporting HopeSource, my last venture with them as my last day was yesterday.
Brought along a Victoria magazine and am sketching photos of Ireland from it in my notebook to pass the time. I brought knitting along as well.
It’s sunny and beautiful outside. Gonna open the windows when I get home and do some spring cleaning!