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A couple of weeks ago I was able to do some sketches, one at work that I used watercolor pencil with and one at Washington Park. I may add color, but I haven’t decided.

Pen and water color pencil


After that it snowed. I could only get shots of it at night.

The corner of SW 21st and Burnside

And then I got slammed with homework. A LOT of homework. Here’s one of them. We had to create a mood board for a classmate we hadn’t met until that day. We had 30 minutes to interview each other and come up with an idea of what to do for them as far as styling an outfit. I used lots of mixed media and Polyvore to create the Owl Sweater outfit. I’ll find out tomorrow if I got her style right or not. Eek!

Mood Board for Intro To Apparel Design


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For I was like one asleep, a dimmed lamp in a dark world. You awakened me to Your light and made me shine.

Got out the color pencils I was given one Christmas in high school when I was in love with the medium. I still love the medium and how layering the colors create such interesting effects.

Light in the Dark

March: The beginning of March has been a whirlwind of opposites. Snow most of last night, then 55 degrees and sunny all day today. Joy and sorrow mixed together as old things fade away and new dreams are given birth.

These sheep stand at the door in expectation. What does God plan for this next moment?

March Sheep


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Light. Glow. Illumination. Shine. These have been my themes over the last couple of days. It was fitting then that the sun looked like a comet coming over the eastern hills this morning.

Sun or Comet?

Another art journal spread reflecting on light. This is a very JRR Tolkien style spread. I love his illustrated book, Father Christmas Letters and read them every year.


Art Journal: Light

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Day 1…the art journal begins…

I was very excited to finally receive my sketch book in the mail, but after looking at the pristine white pages I panicked. What would I put in this book of possibilities? What style would it be? What if I change my mind after 50 pages and want to do something different?

The first stroke of the pen was terrible. A timid, fearful line that squiggled where it should have been straight. *sigh* It was a good way to start. Get the shakes out now so the rest will become confident and certain…

Art Journal: Day 1

On a knitting note: I finished a new hat last night and wore it all day today because it was soooooooo cold out! It’s 19 right now and windy. The wool is merino in the colorway Flannel. It came in the mail from Spunky Eclectic a few months ago as part of the Spunky Club. I love how the colors mixed together in the plying on this hat. And I have enough left over to make a pair of mittens (I hope!) The pattern for the hat came from Interweave Knits Fall 2010 issue and is called Brattleboro Hat. The buttons are old shell buttons I’ve been collecting for years.

Brattleboro Hat in Flannel

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The sunrise from my apartment has been incredible the last two days. I was playing with my camera and shot this sunrise abstract. I love the colors and the balls of light.

Sunrise Abstract

Went to painting groups yesterday morning and did a painting of Devil’s Club. I photographed this on the hike to Franklin Falls off of Denny Creek in the Cascade Mountains. It was huge!

Devil's Club: Watercolor

Also went the Spirit of the West, a local art and music festival that takes country back to its roots. I’m not a country fan. I like heavy metal and screamo, but the poems and songs at the open mic yesterday were awesome. Did a lot of spinning on my drop spindle and will go back this morning to do some more.

Terry's Wheel

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This challenge was to draw a watch or piece of jewelry. I chose a delicate pocket watch that belonged to my grandmother. I don’t remember her ever using it and since she owned an antique store, it may have been an item from there. But it’s in near perfect condition. The glass is broken, but that can be easily fixed.

The watch is a Hampden. Inside where the works are it says Molly Stark. It also has “warranted 25 years Dueber” engraved on the inside flap along with a serial number. If anyone knows watches and can tell me a bit about this one, I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂

EDM #8: Draw a watch

Hampden Watch


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So as soon as I post that I’m stuck on an EDM, I end up painting two.

EDM 6: Draw a well-loved object. I chose my first spinning wheel, the Ashford Traveller. I don’t have it anymore, which occasionally saddens me. I love the art of spinning fiber. When I first realized that this would be a lifelong journey, I knew I had to buy my own wheel. So I ordered this one from the Woollery, and put an ad in the paper to sell my car to pay for it. God is awesome and I got my wheel for $320 and sold my car for $350, which gave me $30 to spend on fiber to spin! I now own a Schacht Matchless wheel, which is a much more technical and precise wheel, if not nearly as beautiful as my old Traveller.

EDM 6: A well-loved object

EDM 7 was easier at least in choosing a subject to draw. My step-mom gave me two of these old mason jars with glass and  tin lids. I love them. Painting it was a challenge because I used one of the ACEO sized cutouts of an old painting as the background so there was no white to represent the flour inside the jar. I used titanium white gauche to try to show that, but it looks more like a white label instead. That’s ok. I still like the way it came out.

EDM 7: Draw a jar from the kitchen

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