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Music Monday

In an attempt to spend more time on this blog and to to explore some of my favorite bands, I’m instituting Music Monday.
This is a video from Demon Hunter’s first album. Love this song and Ryan Clark’s bald head and bushy beard.



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Fall quarter is now ended and it’s a bittersweet feeling. I learned so much more than I thought I would, but I feel like I’ve only scraped the surface. I feel like I need to take all these classes over again just so I can really get the practice I need to be really good at design and drawing. Here’s some of my art from this quarter. I still need to do some better photos of my three favorite drawings. Next quarter I get to do Color Theory. Yeah! No more gray scale!!!


Design 25 individual pictures of one item that displays the principles and elements of design: Multimedia

Show a group of people, objects, etc, marching using linear perspective. Graphite


Night Armory: The corner of 11th and Davis: Charcoal

Draw an object with a reflective surface: Charcoal


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So, been awhile since I have posted anything. Everything since the conference in Portland has been sort of a blur of chaos and excitement and serious change. I am moving from my cute comfortable castle to a tiny apartment in Portland in order to go to school at the Art Institute there. Apparel Design will be my goal.

Lan Su Garden in Portland

Also, my brother got married to his love Sandi in a beautiful backyard ceremony.

The Ring

And I did costuming for the Boulet Production of Moon Over Buffalo. You can see the pictures at Life As Art.  It was a fun mix of 1950s, 1920s, and 1780s costumes. The play was a great success. I look forward to doing more costuming in the future.


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Spent the last couple of days in Portland at the Storyline Conference. This was probably the most intense, exciting and awakening conference I’ve ever been to. I’m now beginning to understand what I want in life, my passions and dreams, are put there by God because He wants to have co-agency with me as I write my story. And that my story just may have meaning beyond myself. Read Genesis and see how the life of Joseph is still affecting us today. He didn’t know when he was alive that someone would pass his story down verbally until Moses wrote it out for us and that thousands of years later it would still be read and affect our lives. What if I lived intentionally, working with God to create a narrative for myself that will affect people that haven’t even been born yet? It would be a meaningful life that pleases the Lord. 🙂

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Back in Business!

Just got my laptop returned to me today. It was as I had thought, the motherboard was fried. This little guy runs pretty hot. I bought a chill mat at Fred Meyer at lunch, but it doesn’t work at all. Returning it tomorrow and will just order something online.

Will do a better post tomorrow with pics of everything I’ve been up to for the last two weeks! 🙂

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So it is now the 23rd and I still do not have my computer back. HP said it would be 7-9 days turn around. Which would be tomorrow I should have it back. Hopefully that’s the case.

I have been working hard on projects and have finished two. I have three more in progress and will finish them this week. I haven’t done much in way of drawing or painting lately, but have been focused more on sewing and knitting.

Pictures will be available as soon as I get my netbook back. Also, I’ll have several new items in the shop. 🙂

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A New Start

After a year hiatus from blogging at Bonnets and Skulls, I have been completely motivated to start afresh. A new site for sharing my thoughts, photos, writings, and crazy adventures.

Adventure #1 is the start of an online shop at etsy.com. I’m super excited to be able to share with the world my paintings and drawings, knitted items, paper creations, and fine art photography as well as miscellaneous knick knacks as the fancy hits. The online store will be open on January 17, 2011.

I have spent many many hours simply researching small business startups and all the legalities of selling. There is a ton of information out there! I have met once with my local Economic Development Association and learned more in an hour than I thought my brain could hold and I know we just barely scratched the surface! But no stress! This is a fun adventure to explore my own abilities and to hopefully fund some of my future adventures.

First things first, though. Get a Master’s Business License, a Retailer number, and create a business plan and expense tracking system. Not much really…. 🙂

I will leave this post with the view outside my studio’s window last week. Living on the 3rd floor definitely has its perks!

Looking South

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