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First Week Crazy

My first week back at school was INTENSE! Lots of homework to get done, LOTS of reading to do, and lots of supplies to dig through my stash for.

One of the assignments is to create a short biography for a famous designer and then track the evolution of their style. I have Issey Miyake. I had not heard of him until this class (I was going to choose John Paul Gaultier, but I know too much about him already) and I’ve always loved Japanese design, especially architecture. So I thought that he would be interesting to research. Yeah. I’m totally in love with his designs! They’re amazing! Some are beyond impractical, but there’s joy in them, which I like.

Another assignment is to create a mood board for a customer, who is one of my classmates. I’ve started gathering all kinds of things to create this and even designed a sweater (in miniature) and a dress for it. I’ll post pictures next week when I have the actual board created.

So for Color Theory class, I have to create a mood board also that focuses on one color on the colorwheel. I chose a warm coppery/tan color and discovered that I have a lot of bric brac around my apartment that was perfect.

Mixed Media copper/tan collage

Sewing class is awesome, but the Juki machines are kinda scary and I’m having a hard time controlling the speed and the fabric. Gonna go in today after church and practice a bit and then cut out my samples for next week.

All in all, exciting stuff!


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I’ve spent the last few days on the west side of the Cascades dog sitting Shadow, a cocker spaniel rescue dog.


It’s been nice getting out of Ellensburg for a bit, though I think I would not want to move to the Seattle area. Too many places to spend money. Eburg is nice because the places I want to spend money are too expensive for me, unlike over here where I can spend stupid money on cheap stuff. I guess you could say I have some buyers remorse over a couple of “luxury” items I shouldn’t have procured. I’m thinking now that I could have gone to the Pacific Science Center and seen the Star Wars exhibit instead of buying $25 worth of rusty orange linen. Or spent the sunny day today at the beach at Alki Point instead of hanging out at The Commons and Goodwill.

Spring Blossom

White Flowers

Moss House

I did get two purses (one for me and one for the shop) and a dress sewn. And some knitting done while watching Project Runway reruns and catching up on my laundry.

Black and Teal purse

Inside: The fabric is slippery polyester and much more difficult to work with than cotton.

Before I left Eburg, I decoupaged an art box Dad and Doreen had given me awhile ago. It had a crazy wild boar on it that someone had colored in with lime green marker. So I covered it up with some pretty paper and added some embellishments, just leaving the black boarder that says Art is long-Life is short. I think I’ll continue to add different stickers and stuff to it over time and see what happens.

Art box

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I am now officially unemployed and have spent the first few days of no work crafting like a crazy woman. I ordered Linen Wool Cotton by Akiko Mano and decided that I must make everything in it. It is by far one of the most beautiful sewing books I’ve seen in a long while. It’s amazingly peaceful to look at the pictures and read the intimate essays, glimpses into the life of another crafter who lives half a world away.

My first project was the Jumper. As I was setting out to create the pattern pieces I realized that I have almost no experience at all in making a pattern from scratch. Especially something more complicated than squares and rectangles! The first finish was far far far too big! Thank goodness it was that way and not the other! A few adjustments and another day of sewing and I had it done and was wearing it to the library and market. I added a pocket because if I don’t have one on my clothing somewhere, I’ll inevitably lose my keys, my watch, etc.

The fabric is slightly off-white linen I found on sale at St. Vincent de Paul’s. The buttons are all antique wood, bone, shell, and plastic buttons that I’ve collected over the years. I also added some top stitching with natural linen thread that I bought through Stampin Up for scrapbooking. I’ve used it more for actual sewing than for scrapbooking! LOL!

I also finished two new projects for the shop. A set of coasters with creamy wool bases and elegant fabric tops. Also, a pair of Kimono Slippers. This is the third pair (the first pair was for me and the second for a  lady at church) I’ve made and I love the pattern! Check them out at my etsy shop (see side bar for link).

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Catching Up

Now that I have my netbook back, I’m going to try to catch up on everything over the last however many weeks it’s been.

Spent the last couple of evenings working on designs for coffee cozies for the shop. I had sold four of them last month to my step-mom: One for each season. I’m keeping the same design, but using different color and types of handspun yarn. Here’s two that are now in the shop.

Flower Cascade: Three handspun yarns of varying types and pink glass beads.

Circle Flowers: Handpun superwash merino and black commercially spun alpaca.

Both coffee cozies are for grande to venti sized cups. I prefer the Starbucks variety inside the cup. 🙂

Also, made a pair of really cute slippers out of some Japanese fabric, but the photos are on a different computer and I’ve modified them since I photographed them anyway. I made another pair and sold them, so stay tuned for more slippers appearing here and in the shop.

I’ve been hankering for a new purse. Not at all that I need one, but still. I found the simplest pattern in a magazine and put it all together last night. It actually took twice as long to make the flower than to make the purse! The fabric is Amy Butler and the purse is reversible. I made the flower with a pin back so I can put it wherever I wanted to on the purse.

Double Duty Handbag: From Quilts and More Spring 2011 edition

Three Button Flower

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Spent the weekend sewing. I made the Socialite Dress from Anna Maria. It came out great, just almost one size too small. Grrr… I wore it today for church anyway and wore a lightweight jacket and jeans. It was very very easy to put together. I used Geisha Fans fabric from Amy Butler.

Socialite Dress

I also had enough of the fabric left over to make a pair of room shoes. I used the pattern from Amy Karol at angrychicken.com. I added a layer of cotton batting for warmth and used twill tape instead of fold over elastic.

Room Shoes

Room Shoes Ballet Style

And here’s the yarn I spun during the Spirit of the West. The wool is a sheep breed I’ve not heard of, Masham and the colorway is Emerald City. It is part of the Spunky Club from Spunky Eclectic. I get 4 ounces of beautiful roving each month. The wool is a long fiber and spun up fuzzy, but will make great socks for next winter.

Emerald City: 2-ply on an Ashford Drop Spindle

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Things have been rather on the quiet side creatively speaking. I knitted a hat that I will have a picture of soon, but I haven’t done much else by way artwork or sewing. Sometimes it’s good to have a short lull in the storm of new ideas and recenter and refocus.

Today I became a member of Gallery One downtown. I love the Gallery and go in constantly just to look at all the beautiful artwork and handcrafted items. I only signed on for an artist membership, which means I get emails and newsletters and am invited to events and openings. It’ll be a great way to connect with local artists outside my normal sphere.

Also today while doing some data entry for work, I came up with three new purse designs, which I sketched out rather quickly and am now going to start drafting for real. I’m going to use old newspapers for the pattern itself and if they go well, I will sell the patterns and the items made from them in my etsy shop and maybe at the sewing place downtown.

That’s all for now. I will leave you with a happy summer picture. 🙂

wild daisy in Thorp last summer

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I spent this weekend getting reacquainted with both my spinning wheel and my sewing machine. I’m going to spend some time tonight researching how to photograph yarn as none of the shots I took today of what I spun actually came out.

My spinning wheel has been sitting in the corner collecting dust since November and it felt good to finish up the merino/silk blend that was on there. The wool came from Amy at Spunky Eclectic and the colorway is Eclectic Jam. I spun it really thin, then Navajo plied it to keep chunks of color and to make it stronger. I am planning on knitting a pair of socks with this.

Eclectic Jam merino/silk blend

I had been thinking of various bag ideas for hauling around my netbook when I stumbled across the book Pretty Little Presents from Lark Books at the public library. I now have it on my list of books I want to own. Every pattern in it is enchanting. Particularly the Hello, Doll Faces pattern. It inspired me to stop thinking about a case for my netbook and actually design one.

Pretty Little Presents

Hello, Doll Faces

The exterior fabric I found recently at St. Vincent de Paul’s for a buck. The interior fabric I bought about two years ago on sale at the Sewing Corral downtown. It was very simple to put together and the little doll I sewed up at church while listening to Pastor Bill’s sermon. I am excited to take it out for a spin!

Doll Face Netbook Case

Hello there!



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